In the last 35 years, Harry's Cafe and Steak has established a wine list that is diverse, affordable, and deeply rooted in both new and old world selections.

Our recently revamped Cafe List was handpicked by owner Peter Poulakakos, who is following in his father's wine legacy. It has been reduced from 230 to 70 selections, with only ten wines priced above $100. It is immediately approachable as well as affordable, with wines classified by their flavor profile. Big bottles are also available here; they're a Poulakakos family favorite.

In addition, Harry's Cafe and Steak offers its renowned Harry's Reserve List, which is designed for the avid wine connoisseur with contributions from Harry Poulakakos' personal collection including wines from the original Harry's at Hanover. Harry Poulakakos began our wine list from his own collection in 1972 when he opened the original Harry's. His knowledge of wine and his distinct palate have allowed him to create one of the most phenomenal and yet affordable lists New York City has ever seen.

The reserve list contains approximately 2000 selections, including an exceptional collection of older wines and large-format bottles. There is substantial depth in the vintages of Bordeaux and Burgundy, as well as Californian Cabernet Sauvignon; in many cases we display verticals of more than fifteen years.

Every effort is made to ensure that our wines are stored in perfect conditions, in order to preserve their unique qualities. Our main cellar is a temperature- and humidity-controlled room of about 1200 square feet, maintained at a constant 53 degrees. For quality purposes, we do not purchase wines from auctions or other cellars.